Suitable for all staff


  • Overview – Alcohol Advertising directed to women fun social media examples of drinking in contrast to the taboo of the “Alcoholic”  label
  • We ask: Why do women drink? Is it Stress?, Juggling home and work life?
  • Are women using alcohol as an acceptable means of self-medication and stress release?
  • Women’s stories
  • An understanding of what a unit is and how many units are in different types of drinks
  • An understanding of the UK Chief Medical Officers’ low-risk guidelines and what they mean in real terms
  • Awareness of the health risks associated with alcohol in the short and long term, for anyone who regularly exceeds the guidelines
  • Understand how alcohol issues are linked to mental health and overall wellbeing, Symptoms and Behaviors including Hangovers and Hangxiety
  • The potential impact of alcohol on work performance such as reduced productivity
  • How to approach someone if you suspect a alcohol problem
  • Promoting a healthy alcohol culture – awareness about short term and long term effects of drinking and tips on alternatives such as: Mindfulness, self care, exercise, “quit lit” books and podcasts to help, non alcoholic drinks, gym, relaxation and sober apps to track weekly drinking

Separate 15 minute recording for HR and Line Managers concentrating on how to approach/manage employees who you suspect has a problem with alcohol.

A sample alcohol policy is included

A full toolkit is included