• Information and tips on how to have a successful career AND home life
  • Facing anxieties in returning to work
  • Choosing trusted childcare
  • Tips on how to be more organised from baby bags to food prep!
  • Budget and Time management skills
  • Dealing with stress and self care
  • Stop beating yourself up!
  • Ways to improve sleep habits and routines (for mum and baby!)
  • Mum anxiety: Tips to help from Baby Monitors to “combating anxiety” podcasts that we recommend
  • Baby safety information to alleviate anxieties!
  • Establishing a routine to ensure better and less stressful mornings!
  • Raising self esteem and confidence at work and at home
  • How to manage energy levels
  • How to be Happier at work
  • Quality time with your baby on your days off: Organise fun things for the weekend! A picnic or feeding the ducks at the park!
  • Consider a “Trial run” before going back to work with childcare. Preparation is key!
  • Call on support when you need it!
  • Talk to other parents, join or set up a parents forum at work for support!

Separate 15 minute recording for HR and Line Managers

Sample policies and procedures are included

A full toolkit is included