Suitable for all staff


60% of professional women will leave their organisation within a year of returning to the workplace after maternity leave.The most common reason is feeling unsupported by their employer.


Course content:

Views about work and family

Reasons for returning to work

Concerns about returning to work

Return to work experiences

Adjusting to work -factors that affect a mothers return to work

Mothers’ perceptions of work-life balance

Support for returning parents


Mental and Physical Health at the end of maternity leave including:

Post Natal Depression – What is PND? What are the symptoms and what support is available?

Birth Trauma (PTSD) What is Birth Trauma? What are the symptoms and what support is available?

Lack of confidence and self esteem on returning to work: What can help?

Awareness of physical health post-baby including Perineal tears, Episiotomy or Childbirth Injuries and Urinary Incontinence.Cesarean awareness and when a baby is born prematurely.

Breastfeeding in the workplace

Seperate 15 minute recording for HR and Line Managers

Sample maternity and breastfeeding policies are included

A full toolkit is included