Suitable for all staff


  • Death in the UK, statistics, most common causes of death
  • Death in the UK: The final taboo?
  • Effects of grief. Likely emotions and behaviors
  • The grief cycle
  • Death of a Partner- Support
  • Death of a Parent – Support
  • Dealing with the death of a serving or past employee as an organisation
  • Support available for bereaved children
  • Traumatic death including suicide and murder
  • Covid 19 deaths
  • Initial communication with someone who has just suffered a bereavement.
  • Dealing with loneliness and organizations that can help

Returning to work:

  • What to say and what not to say
  • What can help?
  • Suggested phased return and flexible working arrangements
  • Anniversaries (date of death, birthday, mothers day, wedding anniversary etc) and triggers
  • Grief: The emotional roller coaster: Remembering that grief comes in waves
  • Remembering a loved one in a positive way
  • Healing after loss

Separate 15 minute recording for HR and Line Managers

Sample policies and procedures are included

A full toolkit is included