Marketing your business


Part 4: Marketing – Send me the Customers!

  • How to develop a marketing strategy   – How to tap into the mind of your customer and look at their needs.

  • Their Problem = Your Solution approach exercise

  • Target audience – There is never just one demographic! How to reach your customers. Widening your market exercise

  • You need to be visible and to be easily found!

Websites that you can build easily yourself! (Weebly, WordPress)

What needs to be on your website?

Let’s look at a good and poor example of a website

  • What is SEO? Top tips to get your business out there quickly

The importance of keywords exercise

Google Ads: Is it worthwhile?

Get listed in free online directories and other free of charge forums and mediums. We offer some suggestions!

  • Business marketing Data – Who to approach within an organization if you are looking at selling to businesses?

Buying business data and the law

The role of the  Information Commissioner’s Office & how that affects all  businesses

What is GDPR? and what you need to consider. Let’s look at our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) template for small businesses

  • Email marketing platforms

This is essential when sending out large emails  – How to use email marketing platforms with email templates, design tools & 99% deliverability.

How to draft that first eye catching marketing email  -lets have a go together using our template!

  • Getting customers, keeping customers and getting repeat business

The importance of keeping a database of customers and how to set one up

Using mail merge

Newsletters and exclusive subscriber offers

The Importance of testimonials

Special offers and the impact of giving an urgency to book

  • Social media

How to develop a social media strategy

How to use social media to engage with your target market and creating relevant content -we show you some examples

Sponsored posts on social media – Cost and reach

Finding groups with large followings on Facebook and Instagram and ask if you can place an advert in return for a discount for their readers

Guest Blogging