Baby Safety Training

Baby Safety and Baby Proofing Training session for Parents and Parents to be!

Baby proofing your home!

What is baby proofing?

From plug sockets to child proof locks to stairs and washing machine doors!

Step by Step Guide, room by room including outside spaces

Including the hidden concerns such as blind chords, nappy sacks, sleeping and slings, food, drink, button batteries and small toys.


  1. Safe Sleep – Back to Back, feet to feet campaign, Grobags, Bumpers and Room temperature and how to reduce the risk of SIDS
  2. Swaddling and Slings
  3. Car Seat Safety and Car Shades
  4. Sun Safety
  5. Sepsis Awareness
  6. Preventing: Falls, fires and burns, Drowning, Poisoning and other accidents
  7. Spot the risk exercise
  8. How to put together appropriate contents for a first aid box